Helix Magazine

Helix Magazine is a new style of men’s magazine. Our twist is to show the full spectrum of male-hood in relation to fashion and lifestyle. We believe that there is more to being a man than what is depicted in the current arena of men’s fashion. As men we are geeks, jocks, heroes, nerds, dandies, hipsters, intellectuals, romantics; we are introverts, extroverts, we are androgynous and we are studs. We are fathers, sons, brothers. And to top off all that we are, we have style and we own the situation no matter what it is. Helix Magazine, for men: and those who want to know them!

  • Helix ONLINE appears 4 times-annually as a curated online and on-demand print publication which enjoys a worldwide circulation.
  • Exclusive print editions of Helix Magazine are published at varying intervals.
  • Heliz Magazine can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and tumblr.

Contributors: We at Helix want to hear from the top established and emerging talents in the creative range of fashion and fashion editorial photography. All contributors must be 18 or older working in the global creative ecosystem as any of the following: fashion photographers, fashion designers, stylists, hair & makeup specialists. We also promote peer to peer connectivity, interaction and collaboration between artists. Core Audience: 18 and up, fashionistas, lovers of hip, classic, on trend men’s fashion and lifestyle editorials.

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