Weirdo mag Magazine

Weirdo-mag. magazine is an independent fashion, art, photography, and youth culture publication. If you are so different that you have ever been called a weirdo we believe Weirdo-mag magazine is for you. It is your creative sanctuary to explore the spectrum of what creativity is. We believe being weird is limited to a privileged few and that the weirdos of the world make it a more interesting and creative environment to live in. Weirdos are creative dreamers, creators of art, fashion, photography and music which challenges the established norms. Weirdos are innovators; we are able to not only think outside the box but are also equally suited to conceive inside, on top, beside, between and even totally redesign the box so that only a weirdo could perceive it as a box. We salute the inner weirdo in you.

  • Weirdo-mag. ONLINE appears 4 times-annually as a curated online and on-demand print publication which enjoys a worldwide circulation.
  • Exclusive print editions of Weirdo-mag. Magazine are published at varying intervals.
  • Weirdo-mag. Magazine can be found on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and tumblr.

Contributors: Creative Weirdos 18 and up. We want to hear from the top established and emerging talents in the creative range of fashion editorial photography, fashion designers, stylists, hair & makeup specialists and artists from all different parts of the world. We also promote peer to peer connectivity, interaction and collaboration between artists.

Core Audience: Weirdos 18 and up who are fashionistas, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup specialists, artists, musicians, innovators, designers of cool, setters of trends and pioneers of the unusual.